Syncing SharePoint to Computer

Syncing SharePoint to Computer

 You may want to access SharePoint files from your computer using Windows Explorer. You can do this by syncing your computer to SharePoint.

 Click the OneDrive icon in the tool bar.

   Click the gear icon in the upper right corner and select Settings.

 Click Add an Account if you are signed into a personal account.

Sign into your account.

       Once your OneDrive folder is synced, log into Office 365 and navigate to the SharePoint site you want to sync.

       You can sync the entire document library to your computer or individual folders. To Sync the complete document library, click documents on the left and then click Sync in the tool bar on the top.

Allow the site to open OneDrive.

Click through the welcome message.

Your OneDrive SharePoint files will show up on the left in Windows explorer and you can access them as any other shared drive. 

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